Craft attic

Who is not afraid, let him enter up to the scary attic and let him listen beautiful sad stories of legendary spis beings. Did Stara Lubovna really have its ghost?

Matej Bel himself wanted to unveil this secret. Therefore what he heard also wrote down in order not to forget:

„Merchant Gasparek, the man according to public opinion without a character, died a sudden death. Hardly was he buried, the people saw him in the clothes that he used to wear while he lived. And it was true, since he was stopping the passers-by, attacked the workers on the fields and burnt the houses. It ended up so far that the dead body was brought up from grave; they cut his head off and burnt. Whatever the truth is, it is said that the head was cut off with a spade and the blood was flowing down the creek. When the corpse was burnt, the evil ghost punished the town with fire. Many people think that the devil itself is hidden in human shape and it is chasing people. “

 Historian Matej Bel: The work of art Prodromus, year

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