Information centre

Free of charge information:

  • general information about the town and the district
  • natural potentials - mountains, water, protected areas
  • culture-historical and folklore potential, sacral sight-seeing, national cultural sight-seeing,  folk architecture reservations
  • recreational opportunities in the district
  • accommodation facilities (name, sort, contact, price)
  • boarding facilities (name, contact, capacity, opening and closing hours, gastronomical events)
  • recreational and sport facilities (sort, name, contact, opening and closing hours, offered services)
  • cultural and social facilities- museums, galleries, libraries, cinemas (contact, opening and closing hours, charges)
  • contact addresses- police, hospital, chemistries
  • information about possibilities of transport connections in district, taxi service, private bus service
  • information about the social, cultural and sport events in town
  • information about the trip possibilities to the surrounding, the sight-seeing tours

Charged service offered by Information center:

  • commercial activity connected with propaganda materials, tourist maps, souvenirs, books
  • guide-tourist service ( the Burgher’s House)


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