The lubovna burgher’s house draws closer the life of the middle-class in Stara Lubovna. The furniture from 19th century era, antique things many of which are the gifts from old Lubovna offsprings, recently unveiled arch of perfectly saved black kitchen with kitchen utensils, the burgher’s study-room and bedroom as well as old photographs depicting life of Lubovna citizens and views on antique streets will surely bring the visitor back to not such a remote history of the town Stara Lubovna.

This beautiful house which is opened to public from the cellar, where nowadays the blue print workshop is placed, up to the attic with legendary beings from the Spis region. There is another workshop for the hand made paper connected with the mini gallery of the local painter Vladimir Sipos.   

Without a doubt the most interesting thing of the Burgher’s house is striking your own coin- lubovna golden coin.

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